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Proverb: Botlhale bo bolaile mong wa jone : The wise often find themselves in trouble

Proverb: Botlhale ga bona ntlo ya jone : Wisdom has no boundries

Proverb: Ea re motho a re 'podi di a sia, a bo a bone ka tsa gaabo : People will exaggerate when reffering to their own

Proverb: Ke utlwile ga e tshwane le ke bone : Better to hear from the horses mouth

Proverb: Kgori e bona lee, lerapo ga e le bone : People remember more the good moments than the bad once

Proverb: Lo se bone dinaka tsa podi go patologana, bobaba di tswa nabo badimong : A family can solve their own problem as a family

Proverb: Lo se bone maje go katogana, bosigo a atamelana : Always make space for the least possible

Proverb: Marope a bagale melora, ba bonolo ba sa tshedile ka bonolo jwa bone : It is better to be known for kindness than one's fierceness

Proverb: Morwa o bone none, none e bone Morwa : The victim and the culprit saw one another

Proverb: O se bone tholwana borethe, teng ga yone go a baba : What looks good on the outside may not be good on the inside

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