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   /bo-na /


To look

To see

To get

To have




Idiom: Go bona ka letshotsha : To find something by accident

Idiom: Go bona nta di fuduga : To get in big trouble

Idiom: Go tsamaya ke go bona : You learn from a venture

Proverb: Bodiba bo jeleng ngwana 'mmaago e re o bo bona o bo sikologe : An unpleasant experienced before by those close induces caution

Proverb: Ea re e bona bong ere mmu : The owner always knows what's his

Proverb: Kgaka e ntsho e fofa, mebala re e bona e kotame : A person's good deeds willonly recognised in death

Proverb: Kgori e bona lee, lerapo ga e le bone : People remember more the good moments than the bad once

Proverb: Le epa le bona mong wa tshimo : Work move well when the leader is present

Proverb: Lo re lo bona di ja maaparankwe, magosana lo itlhoboge : What brings down the king will bring down all that lies below him

Proverb: Lore go bona nna : I know my own story

Proverb: Lo are go bona sesha lo se eka-eke lo latlhe segologolo sa lona : Cast not forth thy old water while the new comes in

Proverb: Tshwene e a re go bona pilo e tshabe  : Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you

Proverb: Tshwene ya re go shwa, e re e bona pilo e sie : Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you

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